Irene Potter

When looking for assisted living for a loved one, you get used to hearing the same sound bites and acronyms: med dispensing, ADL's, 3 meals a day with snacks, activities, pet visits, etc. These services seem pretty standard everywhere. What we are really searching for is care for the soul, and not just the body. This is what I've found for my mom at Hudson Manor.

  • It's noticing when mom is feeling out of sorts, not participating like she used to, or not eating.
  • It's not hurrying her when she's anxious but can't find the words to describe what's wrong.
  • It's caregivers who take the time to comb mom's hair, put on a little lipstick and make sure her nails are done at the weekly manicure get together.
  • It's having dependable, trustworthy staff with low turnover so mom doesn't have to constantly adapt to new faces.
  • It's holding mom's hand when she's nervous, always saying hi and calling her name as staff walk by, and keeping a sense of humor when it's called for.
  • It's welcoming me into the Hudson Manor family too and understanding that all family relationships can be complex.

As an only child, walking with my widowed mom through the aging process and accompanying dementia has been a difficult and challenging process for both of us. No situation is perfect, especially since my mom's needs seem to change so often, but her experienced and patient caregivers constantly adapt along with her. That's good for her soul and for mine too.

Jean Jaffe

My mother has lived at Hudson Manor for two years now. Prior to moving into Hudson Manor she was living alone in her condo and she wasn't eating well, she wasn't taking her medication properly and had become a hermit rarely leaving the house. Making the move into Hudson Manor was the best decision I could have made for her.

The staff is amazing and they treat my mother like family. It gives me peace-of-mind that she is now taking medication properly, eating delicious meals and has become quite the social butterfly. My mother is a new person thanks to the loving staff at Hudson Manor!!!

Jennie P.

I would like to take this opportunity to say how pleased and appreciative we are with the care my mother is receiving at Hudson Manor. At first, I must admit, it was a decision that was very difficult to make. However, I agreed and my brother and I went for a tour. We were impressed with the facility and all the personnel that greeted us.

At 95 years of age, mom became a Resident almost two years ago. I visit her several times a week and I always see everyone, from the Administrators to all the staff, interacting with the Residents. They address everyone by name and know what it takes to make it a good day for each Resident and my mom. Everyone working at Hudson Manor takes the time to say hello & how are you doing. They take the time to listen when the Residents have something to say and are I know this compassion and kindness works because my mom tells me how nice they are to her and how they help her out when she has a question or needs something. Seeing the same staff every day is assuring and makes her feel safe.

Mom was always a very active person. Here at Hudson Manor she still gets to participate in activities that she enjoys like bingo, arts & crafts, exercising and listening to music. All these social activities allow her to interact with other Residents and keep her spirits up. I thank God that my brother persuaded me to visit Hudson Manor and take a tour. I know that all of my mom's needs (medical, physical & social) are being taken care of by the entire staff. I am able to rest at night knowing that she is being well taken care of in a safe, loving environment where it feels like one big family.